Trevor Sommer, Reporter |

This semester, in DSSC Room 200, a new lounge is open for students who have previously served or are on active military duty. This is a result of concerted efforts from Lorrie Baird, a financial aid specialist at East Central College. Baird has been petitioning for a private area for veterans over the last five years, and with the opening of the new Business and Industry Center, there is finally space for the lounge.

The purpose of the veteran’s lounge is to give veterans a nice, quiet environment where they can go to relax or study. The lounge has a keypad entry to ensure exclusivity and is fully equipped, having a computer for student use, a refrigerator which is fully stocked with water and snacks, a television, a comfortable couch and a huge window with a view of the campus’ American flag.

Veterans that are using the lounge have occasional meetings and are organizing to collect food for local VA hospitals.

Any veteran student that would like to use the lounge but does not have the passkey can contact Lorrie Baird at the Karen Wieda Student Services Center or email Phillip Brown at

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