Disagreements Without Division

Kody Wagemann, Guest Reporter |

“John, if we made [redacted] legal, it would benefit our country as a whole,” Jane said. “I think that it is in our best interest to prioritize our rights to make such choices.”

“You’ve been making a strong argument, Jane, but I’d still have to disagree,” John said. “The legalization of [redacted] would not line up with the morals and beliefs of the majority.”

“If that is your priority than I can respect that,” Jane said. “I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the majority has to say about [redacted].”

Something doesn’t seem right.

“No, John. We have to legalize [redacted],” Jane said. “We have freedoms. We have rights and you can’t take that away from us.”

“Excuse me?” John said. “If you think for a second that [redacted] is okay than you are not okay. You’re an idiot, Jane, and people like you are ruining the country.”

“You’re just a bigot, John,” Jane said. “You have no idea what [redacted] is all about and you can’t escape your bubble. You are going to destroy our country with your closed-mindedness.”

That’s more like it.

That’s the American way. Or at least, it has been becoming the American way as of late. Not that screaming vulgarities at one another for having opposing viewpoints isn’t man’s favorite pastime. It’s just been becoming more and more of a problem within U.S. politics.

People continue to fight one another without providing actual arguments, stating only opinions and exclaiming how they are right and everyone else is wrong.

When these people face legitimate evidence and studied facts, they explode in a fit of rage and their beliefs often only strengthen. Sophisticated arguments between individuals sharing their thoughts and researched viewpoints are becoming far and few between.

America is divided. It is divided now more than ever, except for the civil war, of course, and each side is becoming angrier at the other.

A study conducted by Pew Research Center found that within the last 22 years, the number of people in each party who have very unfavorable opinions about the other party has nearly tripled. Roughly 90 percent of the Republican Party have unfavorable opinions of the Democratic Party, and over half have referred to them as “closed-minded.” The same numbers apply to the Democratic Party’s view of the Republican Party.

America was supposed to be a unification of free people—people who wanted to join together to enjoy freedom, liberty and to all have an equal say in their country and the way it ran.

America was supposed to bring together people who would work for the betterment of society. It wasn’t important if these people had opposing viewpoints on things. That was the beautiful part.

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