Robert Pruessner, Reporter |

Released on April 28, “Humanz” is the newest album from the British virtual band Gorillaz, who mix rock and hip hop in their songs to achieve a sort of fusion between the new and the old in the music world. You might know Gorillaz from such hits as “Feel Good Inc.” or “Clint Eastwood.”

“Humanz” is a step in a different direction for Gorillaz, being more political than any of their other previous albums. Produced in 2016 before the election, Damon Albarn, the musician behind the band, wanted to imagine “Humanz” as the soundtrack to the last party before the apocalypse, in a world where Donald Trump was elected president of America, and the songs play off this theme throughout the album.

Originally, the songs in “Humanz” contained many references to Donald Trump, but all uses of his name were edited out after he was elected president in November. Still, songs like “Let Me Out” and “Hallelujah Money” are direct criticisms of Trump, and other songs contain more subtle commentary on the state of the world today.

Personally, I don’t like politics in my music. Politics aside, “Humanz” doesn’t live up to the hype it built or the standard previous Gorillaz albums set for the band’s music. It definitely has a few good tracks and very relevant commentary on the world of today. However, because this album is so tied to the 2016 election, I don’t think it will age well.

Overall, I would rate “Humanz” a 6/10. It’s worth a listen if you’re a big Gorillaz fan. Otherwise, you’re honestly not missing out on much.

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