Society Discredits Women

Israel Neely, Guest Reporter | “Credible” Adjective. “Offering reasonable grounds for being believed.”Merriam Webster. Adjective. “Worthy of belief or confidence; trustworthy.” Adjective. “Not able to be disproven by the end of the interview.”Urban Dictionary. “In a world…” begins the movie trailer. It’s spoken by a deep, throaty, masculine voice – a voice with authority, a voice with credibility. One is driven to believe this faceless man and whatever he has to say about this epic world. Viewers are ready for … Continue reading Society Discredits Women

Elsa, Batman: Gender Roles Limit Children’s Potential

Emma Eicrhelberger, Guest Reporter | On Halloween night, a little boy walks up to a front door dressed as Elsa, his favorite princess from “Frozen.” His hair is spray-painted white, and he is wearing a store-bought replica of Elsa’s dress from the movie. He is also wearing the happiest smile as pieces of candy fall … Continue reading Elsa, Batman: Gender Roles Limit Children’s Potential