Traveling on a Budget

By Julia Florian                             

              A lot of people like to travel but do not have the expenses to do so.  I will be giving a list of apps, tricks, and hacks to make your trips cheaper, but still extremely enjoyable. 

Plane tickets can be expensive for a trip. Here are some ways to lower the prices: 

• Download multiple airline apps, so that you can compare prices.

• Always explore “Low fare” flight options, these are bare minimum flights. 

• Book a round trip, this lets the airline know that you will be flying with them twice, which makes the flight less expensive.

• Multi-city flights are not very well known, it is a third option for round trip and one-way flights, it is best for travelers that are going to multiple destinations.  You have to specifically search for “multi-city” flights with that airline for it to appear on the website.

• Student Universe, if you upload your student ID you will have access to hundreds of discounted flights.

• Creating an account with popular airlines can allow you to build up points with every flight you take, which can eventually lead to free flights.  Another option would be to get an airline credit card which can help you accumulate points at a much faster rate.

• Discount airlines located in both America and overseas, offer an incredibly cheap option for those looking for affordable flights.  The catch is they also require you to follow a very strict set of rules and will charge you extra if you do not follow them exactly.  For example, you must have exactly the carry-on bag size they require, and only one bag, they might want you to print your ticket ahead of time and they will make you pay for checking any bags at all.

Ways to find affordable places to stay on your trips.

• Download Airbnb, this app allows you to look up places to stay that are owned by individuals who are offering their extra house/apartment/rooms that are often offered at an affordable nightly rate.

• When looking for a place to stay there is nothing cheaper then Hostels, Hostelworld is an app where you can see available Hostels near you, they are very popular in Europe and big American cities, they work similar to a hotel except you are purchasing the bed and not the room in which case there can be other people in your room, this is a good idea when traveling with a group so that you can fill all the beds in one room. 

• Certain credit cards also help you accumulate points that can go towards a free night at a hotel. 

Wherever you plan to go you’re going to need a way to get around; here are some of the ways to save money on transportation.

• I recommend staying in a location that has what you need near it, this is the easiest way to watch how much you spend.  If there are any sites you want to visit/see, then try getting a place to stay that is around those things.

• If you can’t reach your destination on foot then it couldn’t hurt to see if you could rent a bike, they are cheap but easier than walking.

• If your location is too far for a walk or a bike ride then compare the prices of trains, buses, Uber, subways, taxis, and metros to see which would save you the most in the area you are staying in.

• Best ways to save money on food while traveling: Avoid eating out all the time.  Eating out a lot can really put a strain on your wallet, instead go to local grocery stores and get the required amount of food you will need for your stay; creating a list of items you will need before your trip would be helpful, that way you don’t have any leftover food that would be wasted.  

• If you’re traveling overseas, then you’re probably going to want to try some new places you’ve never been, the best advice I have is, budget that out BEFORE your trip make sure you have the money set aside to be able to enjoy those things. 

• Always see if the location you are going to eat has an app.  A lot of restaurants and fast-food places have apps, if you sign up you could get some free stuff. 

Best activities that are affordable.

• Museums: a lot of the time they aren’t too expensive and sometimes they are free.  

• Beaches: most beaches are free if they aren’t then you can go to a different spot of that beach, and it will be.  If you really like a certain part, then the fees are still super inexpensive. 

• Monuments: seeing them is a great experience and the majority of them are free. 

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