Tips and Tricks to Help Your Mental Health to Do Well in College

By Ruthie Cordia

It starts with the mindset. Your mindset can help you be calm where you would usually be stressing over homework or tests, even if you’re an anxious person like I am. It doesn’t take much to give yourself some self care and rest in between doing your work. Especially if your body is saying you need it. You feel tired while trying to work on your stuff at night. That’s okay, set your alarm and do some of it in the morning. Another thing to help your mindset is to do lists or thinking in a to do way. Take it one task at a time. The biggest thing to remember is that not all of your grades matter. If you’re doing amazing in all classes that’s great keep it up! If you’re failing one or two classes that’s okay you got it, you can bring those up. Just remember that your grades do not define your intelligence. 

Tip #1

• Find a nice place to sit and relax either outside or in your car and work on homework. Somewhere that is not home so you don’t get distracted by the fact that you can go to your room and play video games or go eat food.  A good example around here is the Washington Riverfront. Free running water sounds and a nice breeze by the calming river. Sounds peaceful.

Tip #2

• Have a snack prepared and near you when trying to do homework or study. It sounds stupid but its so often that people sit down and then think hmm..I kinda want a snack. Thirty minutes later you’re eating a snack while looking at tik tok on your phone. 

Tip #3

• Create a quizlet account if you don’t have one. If you enjoy writing down things to study then do so but if you like to study flash cards, take quizzes, play games to study then I highly suggest quizlet. It’s simple and easy to learn to create your study items and they allow you to study anywhere anytime. Don’t have free time to study, then study in line at the grocery store, while waiting in the drive through, or even while being a passenger when going somewhere.

Trick #1

• Feel worked out? Like you couldn’t do any more homework if you tried? If it’s the middle of the night then I suggest putting on a nice movie and attempting to sleep. A good trick to not feeling this way is making small times throughout the day to work on your work. If you don’t have time for that you can always have one night for homework then the next night for a friends night or even just a self care night. 

Trick #2

• Feeling sad lately? No motivation because of it? There are so many remedies to this. Some of the most helpful in a short timespan are good music, animals, and a nice shower. Feel free to cry during any of these. Get your feelings because once you do that the stress of the feelings is somewhat lifted and it will be easier to do the work. If you choose to listen to music, put on soundproof headphones (or as soundproof as you can get) and dance and sing all around. 

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