The Joys of Thrift Shopping

By Julia Florian

Have you ever wanted to go shopping really bad, but didn’t have the money?  Well, I have a great suggestion; thrift shopping.  Instead of going to big outlet stores, with prices through the roof, go to some local thrift stores.  You will find just what you want but at a way better price.  

The best ones in the Washington area are; Graces Merry-Go-Round, Shop Around the Corner, and Goodwill.  A lot of people don’t go thrift shopping because it is harder to find the things you are looking for.  My best advice is to just go scanning, you will find high brand name clothing and items, it just takes a little more time, but your wallet will thank you.  

You can find all different aesthetics that fit you most.  Thrift stores are also a good place if you’re looking to get rid of some old clothes and need some extra money in your pocket.  You can find brand items like Nike, Adidas, and American Eagle.  If you are willing to make a small drive towards St. Louis, there is a thrift store called Plato’s Closet located in Manchester, they have the best clothes for young adults.  They stay up to date with the newest fashions, so you will be walking out of there with only things you’ll love. 

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