Getting Life Figured Out

By Macy McKinney

How are we supposed to get out of high school and figure out what we are going to do for the rest of our lives? 

I remember in high school, every single day was like a job. Having a lot of the higher authorities telling us that we HAVE to know what we want to go to school for after we graduate was exhausting. At the age of 18 we need to have our whole life planned out basically, and yeah sure if we change our minds about what we want to do then that’s pretty doable, but there goes thousands of dollars down the drain. 

Recently I was thinking to myself, I feel like I have my life completely figured out. Well that is not true because all of us are going to have obstacles that will change it. Life is not predictable and the solutions we are looking for to answer our questions don’t always come nicely wrapped. 

But here’s what I know. Life is uncertain, so just go with it and be comfortable with discomfort.

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