Adopt, Don’t Shop

By Ruthie Cordia

This is Bubbles. She is a female and five months old. Her breed is Domestic Short Hair. Although this is all the information that is given I can tell just from her picture that Bubbles is a very loveable girl who just wants to meet her forever family. Maybe that forever family includes you? She is located at the Franklin County Humane Society.

This is Outlaw. He is a 70lb, 3 year old pitbull. He is  high energy and a very dominant dog. Some fun qualities about him is that he loves stuffed toys, playing in water, CUDDLES, and a whole bunch of attention. Think you could start him on his next  adventure? He is located at the Franklin County Humane Society.

Don’t miss your chance to save one of the many animals in your local Humane Society. While adopting may also sometimes count as shopping it is much better for the pets and the owners. Many breeders breed for a certain look or trait. This means they pick the best matches and if that happens to be mom and son then so be it. This means that some of the animals bought from breeders will become very sick and die because of disease caused by incest. 

For example, the adoption process at the Franklin County Humane Society is very simple. First just visit their site and click on the adopt tab. There you are faced with four opinions. You can view adoptable cats and dogs and also fill out the application for cats and dogs. If you scroll down even further you will be able to see the hours for adoption along with the adoption fees. You must fill out the application for either cat or dog in order to adopt. They intend to make sure that each animal is sent home with a family who will care and love them.

The Franklin County Humane Society’s hours for adoption are Monday 11-6, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 11-4. They are closed on Sundays, Tuesdays, and most major holidays. As for the adoption fees, they are as follows: Dogs 1 year and older are $180. Dogs less than a year are $250. Cats 1 year and older are $95. Cats less than a year are $110. Included in the adoption fee are: spay or neuter surgery, microchip and registration, medical care, follow-up exam at Pet Station Veterinary Clinic within seven days, and a fecal reading after adoption. 

Think of the difference you could make in any one of these cats or dogs. They are all so sweet and deserving of a forever home. Yes to some it may seem expensive, even I think it is slightly expensive, but it is also cheaper than a breeder. These animals also have more personality than anyone. They are sweet and loving. Many of them are currently living in foster homes so they are already house trained and ready to come home with you. Have fun and don’t forget to adopt, don’t shop. Good luck and good adopting. 

Bubbles and Outlaw were available at the time of writing this article, so they might have already been adopted at time of publication. 

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