Self-Care Guide

By Ruthie Cordia, Staff Writer

Sometimes we all need a self care day or even just a self care hour if you don’t have time to spare. No matter what you like doing for your self care, I’m sure I have an option for you. Below are five categories in which I’m sure you fit in with one if not more. There’s a little bit of everything because everyone is different. 

Warm & Cozy:

It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck at home because you can’t drive or even just because you don’t feel like going out again. Whatever the reason is, I’m here to help you take care of yourself in the most inexpensive, warm and cozy way. 

Read a Book

You may think you don’t like books but I guarantee it only takes finding that one book that you fall in love with to enjoy reading.

Take a hot bath or shower

Multiple studies show that after a long day mentally or physically a hot bath or shower can really help to de-stress. Also try bath bombs and epsom salt. 

Listen to music/make playlists

Everyone loves music. Maybe not all the same kinds but whatever kind of music you love, go listen to it. Dance in your room alone or with friends. If you can go for a drive and listen to your favorite playlist. 

Watch your favorite movie and eat your favorite food

Have a lazy day. Sit on the couch. Get your favorite snacks and put on some of your favorite shows and movies. 

Take a nap

If you find yourself being tired during your time off. Take a nap. It’s okay to lay down and let your body rest, especially if it needs it. Set as many alarms as needed to make sure you wake up on time.

Shop Til You Drop:

Alright this ones mainly for the girls. Some people make shopping seem like a bad thing. That is not true at all. For some people, maybe even you, shopping makes you feel better. Spending a couple bucks on a new top can make you feel amazing even after a crap day. 

Downtown Boutique

Located at 11 E. Locust St, Union, MO 63084

Downtown Boutique has a lot of basic things. Their hours are Wednesday-Friday 11AM-6PM, and Saturday 10AM-4PM. Closed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. 


Located at 1851 Vernaci Dr, Washington, MO 63090

Target is full of almost everything you will ever need. Clothes, necessities, jewelry, food, and furniture. I won’t lie though some things in there get a little expensive.


Located at 1926 Charlotte’s Way, Washington, MO 63090

Ross is a clothing store. They have all kinds of name brands for cheaper prices. It’s not just a clothing store it also has all the other things that go in a house. Such as stationary, furniture, and housewares. 


Located at 1966 Charlottes Way, Washington, MO 63090

Marshalls, much like Ross, is a clothing store. They have all kinds of name brands for cheaper prices. It’s not just a clothing store it also has all the other things that go in a house. Such as stationary, furniture, and housewares.


Located at 3375 MO-100, Villa Ridge, MO 63089

Ozarkland holds a lot more than meets the eye. With brands such as Simply Southern, Vera Bradley, and Yankee Candles. They also hold a ton of souvenirs, candies, and fudge. They are all around Missouri and we are lucky enough to have one right in Villa Ridge. 

Blush Boutique

Located at 430 Kitchell Ave, St Clair, MO 63077

Blush Boutique is a clothing shop. Very modern and graceful. Perfect place to find that amazing fall outfit. Their hours are 9AM-5PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 10AM-2PM on Saturdays and closed on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Willow Grace Boutique

Located at 57 N Clark St, Sullivan, MO 63080

Willow Grace Boutique is a clothing shop. Modern and unique. Also the perfect place to find any amazing outfit for anything. Their hours are 10AM-6PM Monday through Friday and 10AM-2PM on Saturdays. They are closed on Sundays. 

Fun Center:

As for the people that enjoy activities with their friends or even by themselves I have a few things for you. I call it the fun center because these people tend to be the outgoing extroverted kind. Even if you’re not outgoing or extroverted, feel free to check this space out. 

Oasis Lanes

Located at 120 Dell Centre Way, Union, MO 63084

Oasis Lanes is a bowling alley. They have daily deals and amazing food. On weekends they do cosmic bowling (turn off all lights and almost everything glows). They are open from 9AM-11PM during the week and 9AM-1AM on Friday and Saturday. 

Nothing Fancy Skating Rink 

Located at 181 Audrey Lane, Union, MO 63084

Nothing Fancy is the type of place you bring a group of friends and all have fun. There hours are a bit strange so I suggest looking them up before you go. 

St. Louis City Museum

Located at 750 N 16th St, St. Louis, MO 63103

The city museum is unlike anything else on this list. They have a bunch of different things for people of all ages. Masks are required as of right now and single day tickets cost 18 dollars plus tax. They are open four days a week. Sunday and Thursday from 10AM-5PM and Friday and Saturday 10AM-9PM. 

Riverside Wildlife Center

Located at 275 State Hwy W, Sullivan, MO 63080

The wildlife center is a great place to go see animals. It does cost to get in but they are open 11AM-5PM all days of the week. 

Six Flags

Located at 4900 Six Flags Rd, Eureka, MO 63025

During the summer Six Flags has an amazing water park and rides. When fall comes around they have Fright Fest. A creepy experience with chainsaw guys and haunted houses. In the winter they have a light up the park kind of thing. There hours differ depending on what time of the year you go. 

Shaw Nature Reserve

Located at 307 Pinetum Loop Rd, Gray Summit, MO 63039

A beautiful place to walk on the trails or go off the beaten path. There is so much to see. They are open 8AM-6PM everyday. 

Just One More Chapter:

Readers you were not forgotten. I’ve noticed that there are a lot more people who enjoy reading books than I thought. In this category are shops, books, and other book accessories for you book loving people. There are not a lot of bookstores around us but you can always check online or search bookstores near me and find the closest one. 

Neighborhood Reads

Located at 401 Lafayette St, Washington, MO 63090

Neighborhood Reads has more than just books. Its a great place to go for those of us who love young adult books. That is not all they have but it is the majority of it. Open 10AM-6PM on all weekdays, 10AM-4PM on Saturdays, and 12-4PM on Sundays. 

Mainstreet Books

Located at 307 S Main St, St Charles, MO 63301

Mainstreet books is my all time favorite book shop. They have all kinds of books of every genre for all ages. It’s also two levels. A bonus about going here is that you are already on St. Charles main street. There’s a ton of amazing other shops on it. They are open 10AM-5PM all days except for Sunday which is open 12-5PM. 


If you love that feeling of finding that item you’ve been bargain hunting for or maybe you found an item you weren’t even looking for then Thrifties is for you. Resale shops, digging through your parents’ old things, sometimes even in normal shops thrifties can find anything they are looking for. It takes practice so don’t be upset if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for the first time. 

Treasure Isles Outlet

Located at 2 Enterprise Dr, St Clair, MO 63077

Treasure Isles Outlet is for those of you who like to search for the good stuff. Its a bargain hunt. A bunch of kiddie pools filled with items of all kinds. Each day is a different price. I suggest looking on facebook or google because sometimes the prices change. Their hours are 9AM-6PM Tuesdays through Fridays. They are closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Shop around the Corner

Located at 1910 E Fifth St, Washington, MO 63090

Shop around the Corner is a resale shop. It has clothes, furniture, bedding, toys, and so much more. A perfect place to go for people of all ages. Their hours are 10AM-5PM all days except for Sundays which are 12:30-5PM. 


Located at 1053 Washington Square Center, Washington, MO 63090

Graces is a resale shop. They have three stores all next to each other. A women’s store with clothes and other accessories in it. The main resale shop and a one dollar outlet. Their closing times change throughout the week but they open at 9AM every day besides Sunday. 

Surprise Shop

Located at 134 W Main St, Sullivan, MO 63080

If you like video games, funko pops, and anything (cause there’s something for everyone in this store), this place is for you. Their hours are 10AM-5:30PM everyday except for Sunday. On Sundays they are closed. 

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