By Dora Bell, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association members are excited for the previous and upcoming events that they have planned for the student body to participate in! 

Falcon Fest (a “fall festival” themed event, which was held in the East Central College’s Glen on September 23rd, 2021) was a huge success and enjoyed by the student and faculty attendees. The college’s clubs were invited to partake in the September festivities by providing table-specific games and prizes for students to compete in. The Student Government Association members offered free cotton candy and a pumpkin patch-themed duck pond game with their table designed with scarecrow motifs, along with corresponding costumes. 

After the successful fall festival event, SGA President Brooklyn Hyatt and Vice President Alexis Johnson composed a series of photos for meme templates in Pundememium (an event that was hosted by the English Department on October 20th, 2021.) In this event, students competed to claim the title of Pun Pro and Meme Master. There were multiple rounds of free-style pun-making, as well as meme-captioning throughout the event’s duration. Pundememium received massive positive feedback from the students who participated in the event.

SGA members have many more events planned for the latter-half of the semester, as well, and look forward to the continuation of student involvement. SGA President Hyatt would like to add that all members of the student body are welcomed to visit the Student Government Association, which is located in the Donald D. Shook Student Center, near the entrance of Cafe Central.

Presently, any students who are interested in becoming a member are able to through active participation in college-sponsored events and by attending Student Government meetings. Meetings are held every other Tuesday at 10:30am through Zoom. Flyers with a list of meeting dates are posted throughout the Union campus, but questions can be directed to the Campus Life Coordinator, Carson Mowery, through email or a meeting in the Campus Life and Leadership office in room 104 of the Donald D. Shook Student Center.

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