Malaina Mastin, Guest Contributor

 The chains of the body can seem unbreakable but the chains of the

 mind can truly strap an individual.

   As a society, we go on with our everyday lives that are conformed

 by everyday minds. We don’t tend to think about what was the past in depth and how it has changed our modern day age. We live in a fast-paced culture that doesn’t broadcast the message “stop and smell the roses.” To all the people of different races, sexual

 orientation, religion, etc. It is important to keep in perspective that despite the chains that we may encounter in our individual lives, that the soul is kept free of demonic diplomacy.

   Over the span of time racial terror has been prevalent and it’s

 amazing that the 21st century has taken a turn for the better and not worse. However, discrimination is still prevalent in the criminal justice system and we as humanity should continue to work together for equality for all.

    Nobody knows the exact reason for such horrid supremacy that stems

 from our human nature, but what I know is diversity and acceptance is key to a more peaceful way of being.

Photo by Hayley Vawter

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