Journey to Montgomery

Joshua German, Staff Writer

   The trip down to Montgomery was amazing to see happen. The amount of student involvement and participation was really inspiring to see, and it made me feel like all of the work was worth it. I felt like every single person there really wanted to go, and they treated the subject matter with maturity and respect. 

   Watching other students learn new things about the plight of African Americans in our history was amazing. I heard some great conversations and saw a lot of students just taking it all in. All of the places we went to were powerful in their own way. 

   The Rosa Parks Museum educated me on matters I was not so knowledgeable about. Learning that Rosa Parks was the catalyst for the civil rights movement was an amazing experience. 

   The Legacy Museum was probably my favorite place, and I could have spent at least another hour or two there. The whole narrative of being in chains throughout the museum affected me greatly. The ghostly projections of slaves with chains still on them were very powerful, as were the telephone booths that made it feel like you were visiting a convict in prison. Their stories affected me greatly, especially the ones about women being raped and the ones about children being taken away or abused. 

   The National Memorial for Peace and Justice was a really powerful place, to say the least. Walking through the hanging memorials for victims of lynchings all over America made me very sorrowful. The way the perspective changed from walking beside the memorials to seeing them hang over me like actual victims was especially powerful. 

   Being able to experience these places while also knowing that other students were able to experience them too is not something I am going to forget anytime soon and it was an absolutely incredible experience.

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