“Doublewide, Texas” Coming to East Central College Stage

Gwendolen Minks|Staff Reporter

East Central College Theatre is presenting “Doublewide, Texas” on Oct. 4-6.The laugh-out-loud comedy is filled with humor as the play follows a trailer park in Texas that take a stand against the neighboring town, Tugaloo, who wants to annex their homes.

The plot thickens as the audience watches the relatable and comical struggles the characters go through that make them more than just your average “trailer trash.” As they begin their fight, the characters become not only friends, neighbors, or foes but also a fighting family unit that stand together for better or for worse. This is a show that will leave the audience laughing for more.

Director Chris Swanson said that her twist on the story is that it is set outside, but actress Tera Steffens stated that ECC’s version of the story is different because, “Chris made it more of a family unit. More of a family feel.” When it comes to surprises, performer, Briley Howell said that audience members will be shocked by the costumes, and Swanson chimed in with, “Carol Buescher,” who’s an extremely well-known performer on the East Central College stage, whose character in “Doublewide, Texas” burst with sporadic amounts of energy.

Regarding all the work the cast and crew have done, Swanson said, “I love working with this group of people. Especially when they bring their own ideas. It’s a huge collaboration!” Like the show, a group of people who work together, stay together!

“Doublewide, Texas” will premiere Oct. 4-6 in the John Anglin Theatre. Adult tickets are $12, children’s tickets are $8 and ECC students get in free with proof of Student ID. Concessions from the show will be held to support local campus clubs and $1 cozier holders will be available for purchase after the show to support St. Clair High School Key Club.

Contact the East Central College Box Office for more information.

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