SGA Meetings Kick Off New Plans for the School Year

Robert Pruessner | Reporter

The ECC Student Government Association (SGA) is back in session. SGA is held every Thursday at 2 p.m. in Room 286 of Hansen Hall. SGA is a place for students and club members to come together and organize events benefiting the student body, school and surrounding area. SGA meetings are open to all students and any student can become a voting member, or senator, by attending two consecutive meetings. SGA Club Council is also held on the first Thursday of every month. The Current SGA President is Gwendolen Minks.

Falcon Fest planning was the dominant issue discussed at the Aug. 30 and Sept. 6 meetings. A “Fall” theme was decided for the Fall Falcon Fest held on Sept. 26, standing uncontested and therefore unvoted on by members present. A “Movie and TV” theme won over a “Spring” theme for the Spring Falcon Fest, with the former winning out with six votes and the latter receiving four votes. Two other themes proposed, “Game of Thrones” and “Safari”, each received one vote. The date for the Spring Falcon Fest was set to April 10, 2019 after receiving ten votes, the alternative date of April 17 receiving four votes.

Discussion of ECC’s Fall Food Drive largely dominated the rest of the meeting, with members suggesting incentives to motivate students to donate canned goods. It was decided that if students donated more items than faculty, students would then be allowed to park in staff lots during midterms week. The Food Drive began Sept. 24 and ends Sept 28.

If you want to donate items for the food drive, there are designated student and staff drop off areas at the Café in the Donald D. Shook Student Center. Suggested items for donation include canned meat, canned soup, canned pasta, canned vegetables, pasta dinners, boxed pasta and pasta sauce.

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