Hayley Vawter, Reporter |

“Lore” is a podcast created, hosted and produced by Aaron Mahnke about the history behind common folklore tales, uploaded every two weeks on Mondays. The podcast was turned into an animated television series on Amazon with the same title, while continuing the podcast as well.

Recently, “Lore” surpassed 100 million downloads on iTunes after only three years of episodes. The episodes do not have to be listened to in order, so listeners can pick their favorites and listen in whatever order they choose. There have been 74 published episodes, with the most recent being Nov. 27.

Each episode features soft, melodic piano music that fits with Mahnke’s soothing, mysterious voice. Mahnke gives listeners the deep and fascinating background of each folklore tale, often shocking listeners with the strange preceding events that caused the folklore to become known.

Mahnke’s website describes the podcast as, “expos[ing] the darker side of history, exploring the creatures, people and places of our wildest nightmares.” He has covered events from the beginning of the tales of werewolves to the phrase “saved by the bell” and many other nightmarish events in-between.  Mahnke tells the very true stories of each event, which feature real names of people affected and real places. In several cases, there are real artifacts left in place that can be visited today.  

“Lore” is extremely popular among podcast listeners and is rated five out of five stars. It was also voted best of iTunes for 2015 and 2016.  The episodes are usually 30-50 minutes in length, and Mahnke’s clear descriptions leave vivid images to the imagination of the listener.  “Lore” has over six million average listeners monthly, and is continuing to grow each episode.

You can check out Aaron Mahnke and “Lore” on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Prime. For more information on Mahnke and what else he is involved with, check out www.aaronmahnke.com.

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