Netflix Originals Recap

Ben Johnson, Reporter |

Unless someone has never heard of the Internet,  they probably have Netflix. They also probably know that there’s a ton of movies and television shows on it. My focus is going to be on its original content.

In 2013, Netflix became the first streaming service to win a Primetime Emmy Award and has been cleaning up ever since. Notably, it wins awards for its original content.

I would like to focus on two original programs that Netflix has put out in the past 4 months: “Ozark” and season two of “Master of None.”

“Ozark” follows Marty Byrde, his wife and his two kids. Without giving more than the basic premise away, Byrde has gotten into the wrong side of the law, and he is trying to look innocent to the feds while also keeping his employer happy financially. Think “Breaking Bad” but with money laundering.

The 10-episode long first season—a second season is currently in the works—takes you on an emotional, exciting and hilarious ride. I really think this is a show that anyone would enjoy.

Moving on, we have “Master of None.” If you haven’t seen season one, I would say it is completely worth the watch. I will also say that it is not necessary to have seen it to appreciate season two. It would, however, help to understand all of the callbacks to the first season and the story in a better sense.

In “Master of None,” our story centers around Dev Shah. Shah is portrayed by comedian Aziz Ansari (“Parks and Recreation”) and is a goofy, thirty-something New Yorker who loves food, especially, and well, love. Shah is constantly trying to find the next best spot for food and the next love of his life.

Upon viewing his journey, we come across all of his hilarious and interesting friends. Season two starts off in Italy and has a lot of different against-the-grain style episodes. There are some where the main characters are barely even seen in the episode.

“Master of None” is a very relatable series that I feel represents real life in a way that not many shows or films are able to achieve. It has made me laugh a ton and also cry a ton. There are only 20 episodes so far, and I am as sure as can be that anyone, like myself, can burn through them super fast and be left wanting more.

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