ECC Reorganizes Department of Instruction

Colleen Narup, Editor |

With the start of a new semester at East Central College, new changes are sure to come about. For the Fall 2017 semester, one of the biggest changes is the reorganization of the instructional and faculty design.

“I wanted to design a structure that would allow us to provide a better institute for students and to focus on more curriculum development,” ECC Vice President Dr. Tia Robinson said.

In the past, the administrative design simply consisted of Dr. Robinson with five division chairs working beneath her. The new design breaks down the positions further.

“We [ECC administration] moved away from having just the divisions chairs and the vice president to including deans and directors,” Dr. Robinson said. “We now have a Dean of Instruction, Dean of Career and Technical Education and Dean of Allied Health. There are still division chairs, but we’ve streamlined the division chairs so we’ve gone down from five to three. We’ve also embedded program coordinators in the math, sciences and English departments.”

Dr. Robinson noted that no part of the college’s budget was spent during this reorganization. Faculty members that were already employed by ECC were appointed these new positions.

This new arrangement provides a more efficient solution to assisting students.

“It used to be that students with faculty-level problems came immediately to me, the vice president,” Dr. Robinson said. “It wasn’t the best model for servicing students. This new structure allows the faculty to be more connected with the students and also helps instructors and students to resolve issues in less time.”

Despite the significant change, Dr. Robinson said she feels the transition into this new structure went rather smoothly.

“What took a lot of time was looking at institutional resources, the needs of the students and the faculty re-association,” Dr. Robinson said. “The change has allowed us to move forward with Math Pathways, with the students and with Multiple Measures. In such a short time, we’ve rolled out some significant changes.”

Dean of Career and Technical Education: Richard Hudanick

Dean of Instruction: Ann Boehmer

Director of Health Services: Robyn Walter

Director of Online Education: vacant

Director of Dual Credit and College Readiness: Dr. Russ Henderson

Division Chair, Math/Engineering/Science: Dr. Isaiah Kellogg

Division Chair, Social Sciences: Dr. William Cunningham

Division Chair, Humanities and Fine Arts: Dr. Tim Sexton

Program Coordinators:

Math – JD Herlick

Science – Sarah Havens

English – Linda Barro

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