R&R Rises from Underdog Role

Darcy Becker, News editor

R&R club features the ideal life setting, rest and relaxation. Dr. William Cunningham heads the club as adviser, while Rick Sansom conducts as club president.

“R&R are a bunch of nerds, and we have been since the beginning,” Bryce Gojohn, secretary of R&R, said. “The club originally started as a group of friends, and they made their little hang-out group in the cafeteria a school club.”

Gojohn said beginning members still share involvement, himself also being one of the oldest members. He said that when the club formed, the members wanted to participate in school activities as a club.

However, since the club formed 15 years ago, Gojohn said members became worried the club would die out when the original members left the college.

“Our new generation of members have reformatted the club. We’re basically trying to make it great again,” Gojohn said. “It was Rick’s idea to bring the club back; there was a demand for it but no leadership.”

Sansom began the club again after the school staff wanted to confiscate R&R’s locker in the cafeteria since it had no use. Members were able to remove items and found the former rule book that original members had created after the occurrence in spring 2016.

“If it weren’t for the school confiscating that locker, and them opening it, we wouldn’t have been able to get R&R back up and running again,” Gojohn said. “That was a stroke of good luck.”

However, despite their involvement again, Sansom left during the fall semester to work on his home life and to earn money, but he stayed involved on his days off. Gojohn also updated Sansom on club activities and features, like their award for “Club of the Month” in November from the Student Government Association (SGA). In regard to activities, R&R hosted both game nights and lock-ins.

“An R&R lock-in was always a staple for the former members,” Gojohn said.

With their staple, R&R successfully hosted a Halloween Lock-in on Friday, Oct. 28, 2016. event. Gojohn said over 50 people had attended.

“I was very pleased we had a turnout like that because the old R&R lock-ins had more people than that show up,” Gojohn said.

For the spring semester, the club will co-host a St. Patrick’s Day event from 6-12 p.m. with SGA. Gojohn and Sansom have high hopes for the spring lock-in because of the turnout from the Halloween. A local band from Washington, The Volunteers, will also perform at the lock-in.

Apart from the lock-ins, the club also ran a homemade Oreo pop event for Valentine’s Day. R&R also helps with charity events.

“Last semester, our charity event consisted of taking canned food for the SGA’s food pantry,” Gojohn said. “We actually got permission to use the slogan ‘Show Us Your Cans.’”

Alongside the food drive, R&R participated in issuing bookstore surveys on behalf of SGA. Even with their role on campus, R&R has rules for their active members in regard to their studies.

“We always make sure no one is late to classes and that everyone gets their homework done,” Gojohn said. “We make it a point to make sure that we are active college students, even though we goof off sometimes.”

Overall, for the club as a whole, both Gojohn and Sansom agree that they enjoy the community of R&R. Despite the lack of club involvement prior to spring 2016, Gojohn and Sansom want other students to know of their friendly community.

“We are there for people that just want to goof off and plays and also be around some genuinely good people,” Gojohn said.

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