ECC’s New Business and Industry Center

ECC’s Business and Industry Center opened with a ribbon ceremony on Oct. 20, 2016. The new building is located by the movie theatre near the main campus in Union. The program was originally located at ECC’s main campus, but was through Four Rivers College.

This building offers three main programs, HVAC, Industrial Engineering Technology and Precision Machining, and the center for workforce development is actively there. These programs are included in the A+ program.  

Going through these programs, students are to expect classroom and hands-on learning. These programs are to prepare students for job offers after one year of being there.

“[Students] are going to get introduced and be able to use equipment that really is state of the art. It’s one of the best technical centers you’re going to find around the state,” President Dr. Jon Bauer said.

Students will be able to use equipment that may appear in their field of interest. The programs will also bring in people from an industry for added training. Since opening, the academic programs are the same, but they have added non-credit welding. Additionally, an apprenticeship program has been approved through grant funding.

In Nov. 2016, there had been some upset due to additional expenses, but since then, the installation of the gas piping system has been completed.  It was made specifically to provide more welding stations.

That construction enabled them to have those classes and to enroll more students into such. If such was not provided, they believed classes would not have high enrollment as needed to be to run the large classes.

As of now, the enrollment count In HVAC are 22 students; in Industrial Engineering Technology, there are 34 students; and in Precision Machining, there are 32 students enrolled.

The building and construction are all finished and sufficient for their needs. Additionally, they hope that enrollment will grow, and they plan to institute more day, evening and weekend programs if interest exists.

They hope to continue to work with businesses and industries to work on their workshop and seminars, as well as see workforce development continue to grow.

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