As of July 1, Dr. Tia Robinson has been named ECC’s vice president of instruction. The position was previously held by Jean McCann, who is retiring after a 24year career at ECC.

Several responsibilities come with the job title of vice president of instruction, including directing academic divisions
that o er credit based courses, providing leadership to division chairs and full-time faculty, budgeting and providing regional and programmatic accreditations, among other things.

Due to the importance of this role, a nationwide search for a replacement began last October. Dr. Robinson, who is new to both Missouri and ECC, first applied for the position online.

“I was interviewed over Skype,” Dr. Robinson said. “After that, I was invited for an all- day campus interview that ended with an open forum that allowed faculty and community members to attend.”

The Illinois native was chosen out of several applicants due to
her impressive qualification. Dr. Robinson had previously served as a dean of teaching and a dean of instruction at other city colleges in the system.

Dr. Robinson earned an associate degree with an emphasis in business from Kishwaukee College, a bachelor’s degree of speech language pathology and doctorate in counseling and adult higher education from Northern Illinois University as well as a master’s degree in managerial leadership and an M.B.A. from National Lewis University.

“My background has always been in education, in both the academic a airs and student services side,” Dr. Robinson said. “Vice president of instruction was a natural progression for me.”

In her new position, Dr. Robinson has many plans for what she would like to accomplish.

“The first year will be really focused on building academic programs and partnerships with the community to bring dual credit to the institution and ensuring compliance with all of our accrediting bodies,” Dr. Robinson said.

Though her work is often done outside of the classroom, the students are what matter most to Dr. Robinson.

“Student retention, student success and ensuring that we are providing students with rigorous programs and opportunities in order to be successful, either by transferring into a four-year institution or entering the workforce, is at the forefront of my mind for every decision that I make,” Dr. Robinson said.

Dr. Robinson has been passionate about the overall success of students throughout her entire career.

“If there are any students that have any questions or something they would like to have a conversation with me about, my door is open,” Dr. Robinson said. “My primary focus is what’s best for students in terms of making sure those students are graduating.”

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