Lack of Confidence Hinders Girls’ Success

Jennifer Somers | Editor Before reaching puberty, young girls begin to face the pressure to be perfect. As they mature, society’s mighty hands shape girls like clay into the “ideal woman,” one that’s delicate, soft-spoken, modest and submissive to authority. Any girl that doesn’t exactly fit the mold is looked down upon and force-fed the … Continue reading Lack of Confidence Hinders Girls’ Success

Society Discredits Women

Israel Neely, Guest Reporter | “Credible” Adjective. “Offering reasonable grounds for being believed.”Merriam Webster. Adjective. “Worthy of belief or confidence; trustworthy.” Adjective. “Not able to be disproven by the end of the interview.”Urban Dictionary. “In a world…” begins the movie trailer. It’s spoken by a deep, throaty, masculine voice – a voice with authority, a voice with credibility. One is driven to believe this faceless man and whatever he has to say about this epic world. Viewers are ready for … Continue reading Society Discredits Women

Elsa, Batman: Gender Roles Limit Children’s Potential

Emma Eicrhelberger, Guest Reporter | On Halloween night, a little boy walks up to a front door dressed as Elsa, his favorite princess from “Frozen.” His hair is spray-painted white, and he is wearing a store-bought replica of Elsa’s dress from the movie. He is also wearing the happiest smile as pieces of candy fall … Continue reading Elsa, Batman: Gender Roles Limit Children’s Potential