Students Start Democratic Socialists Club

By Jocie Dixon

ECC is a school full of opportunities. Recently, William Phillips and Mikala Saler-Becker took advantage of that and started their own club called the Democratic Socialists Club. When asked what their club was about, Phillips said that at a surface level, “Our club is about organizing for a better future. A future where the people lead and society is run for the well-being of individuals, rather than profit.” This means that they want to help people learn different ways to organize the economy and the different forms of politics that aren’t covered in mass media. Instead of focusing on identity politics, they want to tone in how politics affect you as an individual. By asking questions like “How will this affect me?” And “How does that affect society as a whole?”.

They envision a community that is educated and involved in politics. To help make this vision a reality they encourage you to also get involved and join them while they analyze every corner of modern global politics. The club is organized online in a series of videos and quizzes so that it is easier for more people to get involved. 

Lastly here is a parting thought from Saler-Becker: “The way politics are now is not how it has been forever. Our current system of economics is only a couple hundred years old. By organizing and pressuring politicians, we can make them actually pass policy that matters to us. The government can work for us instead of the greedy corporations that amass more wealth than any of us could even dream of. A better world is possible, we just have to ask for it.” If you have any questions about the club contact Mikala

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