Planning Your Summer Trip

By Ruthie Cordia

When planning my summer trip I started by asking myself Where, When, How, how, and What.

Where do you want to go?

Are you a city person, nature person, a little bit of both. There’s something out there for everyone. Google and Pinterest are amazing for finding those one of a kind places to go visit. If you’re with a group make sure you ask all members and try to compromise on where to go.

When do you want to go?

If it’s a trip to a busy place do you want to go on days when it’s less busy? What days will affect your work more? Keep asking yourself questions like these while deciding when to go. Once you’ve decided it’s definitely best to ask your work for the days off ASAP. Don’t wait! This is the biggest mistake people make. When you work and you plan a whole trip but then some of the days get denied because you spent too much time deciding.

How high or low is your budget?

            Don’t feel bad if you have a low budget. When you have a lower budget it is easier to do sight seeing things such as walking around or swimming in the area you are in. Once again the internet can be a big help when your budget is low. Apps, Pinterest, and Google can help you find free things or cheap things to do near you.

            If you have a higher budget and you want to go spend it then once again research. No matter if your budget is higher or lower do not forget to add in the cost of your stay and the cost of traveling there.

How are you going to get there?

            Are you going to drive there? Can you drive there? If you are then you may want to start adding up the price of gas to get there and get home. Or decide if you want to rent a car. If you are flying, research a little before you buy your tickets. Once again buy them ASAP.

Book Now! Hotel room, AirBnB, or any other way you’re staying at your location book as soon as you can. When you find out when you’re going, book them. If you have a job maybe wait till after the days are approved but it’s always good to book in advance.

What do you want to do?

Budget obviously has somewhat of a say in what you do but the good news is there is always free things to do everywhere! If you are a nature person most state parks are free and even if they aren’t it is only a small price to go. The best news is that there are state parks in almost every state as well. If you are a city person go shopping in the city. Go look at free attractions.

As for the things that do cost, try to find deals on Groupons or other coupon apps. Make reservations to places if you feel like. Make sure you thoroughly research prices and the times that places are open.

How to Travel and Stay for Free

            So you want to travel somewhere but don’t know what to do about housing expenses or food expenses. There are multiple ways around this starting with apps on your cell phone.

Apps that trade your time and labor for free stay and food. Basically you can travel to places and stay there expense free if you’re willing to work for someone. You could work at a cat sanctuary, a farm, or literally anywhere doing anything.

  • Workaway is probably one of the biggest and most widely used apps to do this.
  • WWOOF is another good one to use
  • Worldpackers

            Another way to travel for cheap is to house sit. This is sometimes free or there is sometimes a small fee but it is nothing compared to staying in hotels and airbnbs. It’s a “free” accommodation with a service exchange. They do not always provide food so it is not the cheapest most effective way to travel but it does come in handy.

  • Trusted Housesitters is the most widely used in house sitting
  • MindMyHouse is the best for long term houses
  • Nomador has some hidden gems on it

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