ECC Spring Writing Contest Winners

The East Central College English Department has announced the winners of the annual Poetry and Research Writing Contest.

In the poetry category, Christian Emory received first-place honors for, “Well-done.”

In the research essay category, Jillian Stigge’s “Dangerous New Censorships in Education” was the first-place winner.

First-place recipients received $100 in prize money. Second-place winners were given $50, and third-place winners received $25.

Listed below are the winners in both categories, followed by the title of the work.

Poetry Winners                                                     

First place — Christian Emory, “Well-done.”      

Second place — Jacy DeLoach, “infinitesimal.”

Third place — Emrhys Bradley’s, “What is a woman? (An American Sonnet).”

Honorable Mention — Paxton Ludwig, “Home Depot Misgivings.”

Research Essay Winners

First place — Jillian Stigge, “Dangerous New Censorships in Education.”

Second place — Emma Thomas, “One Bullet.”

Third place — Sarah Harris, “Caffeine: Why It Should Have More Restrictions.”


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