Looking for a Summer Job? Jump Into the Pool

By Julia Florian

With the summer getting closer I’m sure a lot of you are going to be looking for summer jobs.  Well, I have a great suggestion for you, lifeguarding.  The Washington City Pool just rebuilt theirs and it’s amazing. You get to spend your day in the sun by the pool while making money at the same time, what part of that doesn’t sound great?  The requirements are; you must be certified as a lifeguard, Midwest Pool Management offers a certification through Starguard, where you’ll be trained in CPR and certified.  You will receive first aid training, basic swimming training, and you’ll be shown how to properly lifeguard.  It is a good place to work if you like the outdoors.  The management team is always looking out for you, and your fellow guards will make great friends.  The website that will tell you more, and how to apply is;  https://midwestpool.com you would click on the job positions for Washington, and then it will lead you through the process.

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