Aesthetics 101

By Jocie Dixon

What does “aesthetic” mean? You’ve probably seen this term on Tik Tok or Pinterest. The dictionary definition of aesthetic is “concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.” I feel like that’s a good way to start looking at it and what it means to you! An aesthetic can be anything from the way you dress to the way you decorate your room/home, or even just an art style you really like. 

Now if you really deep dive into the different kinds of aesthetics you will find some really interesting ones such as weirdcore or goblincore. However, I want to discuss some of the more popular ones that you yourself might identify with without even knowing! So without further adieu here are just a few aesthetics that I hope may gain your interest to hopefully, look further into! 


This aesthetic really blew up during quarantine. The aesthetic itself is a romanticized vision of rural and farm lifestyles. It focuses on concepts of nature and self-sufficiency. People found comfort in this style because it encouraged them to go outside and find new ways to be creative and express themselves which was much needed during a time like the pandemic.

To dress in this aesthetic you will notice that there is a lot of pastel colors, flowy materials, floral prints, and lace. 

Dark/Light Academia:

Academia is centered on high education and the arts. This aesthetic idealizes literature, poetry, writing, the arts, and has an emphasis on Greek and Gothic architecture. There are two sides to the academia aesthetic which are light and dark. All that means is that you prefer darker or lighter settings and styles. However, all colors that you see are very neutral, nothing too bright or crazy.


Indie is quite the opposite of the academia style. Indie is full of vibrant colors, over-saturation, and overexposure. Indie is a style that takes a lot of everyday kinds of images and makes them feel very nostalgic. The Indie style is the origin of a lot of old trends making their way back around. Mom jeans, converse, butterfly clips, canvas bags, and so much more. 

E- Girl/Boy:

This aesthetic is considered more grunge or goth in style. The goth style that this aesthetic gets its influence from can be found in the early 2000s and on. It really blew up again because of TikTok (to no one’s surprise). An e-girl or e-boy typically wears darker clothing with heavy amounts of eyeliner, blush, and stamps under their eyes with hearts or smiley faces. Colored hair is a big part of the style too with pinks, blues, and reds.

There are so many more aesthetics out there and you can dig so deep into all the different styles. I encourage you to start your own research and just have fun with all the inspiration and influences. I hope you find an aesthetic that you can identify with or take influence from because it’s honestly such a fun way to express yourself and possibly even make friends through it! 

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