The First Two Weeks

By Macy McKinney

The last semester of high school is the beginning of the bridge into the college atmosphere, but unfortunately the Corona Virus hit and it felt like that bridge fell completely. It was scary going into something unknown and then transitioning from being a high school student to a college student.  

My senior year was a whirl. The first semester was one to remember on more of the positive side of things. My last semester was also one to remember, but more on the negative side of things. I remember the last day of school, right before spring break, we were told to go clean out our lockers. It was one of the best days of my senior year because in my locker I found a box of pop tarts that I had put in there at the beginning of the school year. Nobody thought it would be our last day, we were just excited for break!  

When I found out that Owensville cancelled school and all sports for the rest of the year, I was devastated because it seemed like everything was crashing down. Not only did everything get cancelled but that same week, one of our classmates had passed away from a car wreck. So, it took a toll on a lot of people in our school and community. To say that I was very nervous to start college was an understatement.  

Councilors have a pretty big role when it comes to college, especially the last couple of months in high school, which didn’t even happen and left them with very little time to help. 

 Some college freshmen adjust pretty well to the new education environment. For me, the first two weeks of college was overwhelming to say the least; everything is fast paced, and it is up to you to make sure you’re on top of things and that you aren’t falling behind-plus, it is a new year and teachers are also trying to adjust and get into the new swing of things.  

I feel like a lot of incoming freshmen had no idea what college life was like and based it on what we see in movies or tv shows, which are not realistic.  

Another hard adjustment was going from almost everyone in high school to almost not knowing hardly anyone in college. It is difficult not being able to vent to my friends about my frustration when they are away at different colleges. After school activities were a big thing for me in high school, whether it was football games, or track and cross-country practice, I always was always doing something.  

Now I go straight home after classes, which is a 45-minute drive, and I do homework for the rest of the afternoon. It is exhausting but there is a lot of good coming out of this new educational opportunity, such as job opportunities and lifelong skills. 

By now, I have slightly kind of eased into college life and know slightly what to expect. I must always have to remind myself that it gets worse before it gets better and I must keep pushing through!

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