Brittany Watson, Guest Contributor



Of people hanging,

Hanging to be remembered,

Not because of something they have been 

Spuriously accused of some foul mistruth, 

Not so the people who thought they were better than those

Of another color can point, laugh, take obscene photos, throw things at them,

Even burn or shoot them, just for the joy of doing it. 


To remember these people.

These people who were brought here against their will,

These people who were sold and treated NO better than cattle.

These are the people we remember.

We remember them with the ground that was beneath their feet 

When they were unjustly murdered. 

We remember them with the plaques of what they 

Were said to be accused of. 

We remember them with our tears from the horror and 

Truth of what has happened.

But most of all…

We Remember!

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