BROCKHAMPTON: iridescence

Joshua Kierns | Reporter

Brockhampton (stylized as “BROCKHAMPTON”) is an American hip-hop group consisting of six different artists, as well as many others working behind the scenes. The group released a trilogy of albums last year known as “SATURATION”.


  “iridescence” marks the groups first album without member Ameer Vann, who earlier this year was accused of several allegations of sexual abuse. The latter sentence is crucial to the review, as the album itself represents the raw emotions of each member during this time of distress.

  From the very opening track “NEW ORLEANS” the group sets the tone; loud and distorted. While BROCKHAMPTON has released very fast, upbeat songs prior, nothing from their original trilogy feels quite this raw and unaltered. This opening track works quite well, however, the mood that it sets drastically changes as the song transitions into the next, “THUG LIFE”. The soft, somber sound of the second track makes the listener second guess the assumptions they had made about the record after hearing the headliner. To fans of the collective, this is nothing out of the ordinary. They have been praised in the past for their unique beat and flow switch-ups that keep each moment new and exciting.

 The problem arises when “iridescence” lacks the smooth transitions into different styles. While the hard, bombastic, and heavily distorted sounds of tracks like “WHERE THE CASH AT” and “VIVID” are quite energetic to listen to. The softer records on the album seem out of place.          

  It struggles to fit in when preceded, and is followed by such anger-induced sound. Members Joba and Dom do an impressive job of building on the lyrical and emotional depth set by the groups SATURATION trilogy. Through their verses we see just how the self-proclaimed boyband has struggled with their new found fame. Often questioning if the success and the wealth are worth giving up their own privacy.

  Despite it feeling as though this is not one, but two albums taken apart and spliced back together again,  BROCKHAMPTON succeeds in creating several energetic tracks that will blast in fans’ car stereos for months to come. That being said, the group maintains the level of emotional depth and creativity that they are known for. “iridescence” is a good listen for what it is, it just doesn’t quite stack up to the critical acclaimed “SATURATION” series.



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