Ben Johnson | Reporter

Fine arts artist Kerra Taylor recently displayed her “The Theatrics of Storytelling” collection at ECC. She describes the work as “large-scale paintings, narratives involving [her] family.”

“I’m coming with stories,” Taylor said. “I’m commemorating memories that didn’t actually happen. When I painted this collection, I wanted to feel a sense of belonging, like I have stories worth telling. So, a lot of the things you see elude to space but are very much fabricated.”

Taylor uses her family members as the models but unlike most painters, who just use a model for the shape of the body in a certain pose, she actually uses the family members’ likeness.

“Each painting is its own story, even though the characters are repeating in different scenarios,” Taylor said.

“Grimm’s Fairy Tales” inspired the pieces. At first, Taylor was re-appropriating the roles, but that later developed into Taylor making up stories of her own. She wants people to relate to the tall tales depicted in the paintings. What takes place in the paintings are events similar to a story you might hear someone, a relative for example, tell.

Family is the biggest inspiration for Kerra Taylor. She enjoys the fact that her family can be involved in her process as well as her finished works.

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