Autumn Enloe, Reporter |

“Spooky” decorations are hanging all around, children are eager to dress in outrageous and entertaining costumes and eating your entire body weight in candy is not frowned upon but encouraged.

That’s right, Halloween is just around the corner, which means people are opting for horror movies like the recently released remake of Stephen King’s “IT.”

The movie is based on the novel by Stephen King where a town is cursed by a clown by the name of Pennywise that can shapeshift into children’s worst fears and feeds off of them.

The original film adaptation was released in 1990, exactly 27 years ago—a genius move on the director’s part because, in the book, Pennywise comes out of “hibernation” every 27 years.

This film has been much anticipated, and personally, I’ve been counting down the days since I first saw the trailer in January. Obviously, I had to see this on opening night.

I had my preconceptions, just as anyone does going to see a remake of a classic, but any worries I had that it would be cheesy or overdone were thrown out the window.

Not only is this movie terrifying, but the children casted to play the “Losers” were phenomenal actors that perfectly pulled the whole thing together.

The three actors that stole the show were Jaeden Lieberher, who played stuttering Bill, the leader of the “Loser’s Club”; Sophia Lillis, who played misunderstood heartbreaker Beverly Marsh and, my personal favorite, Jack Dylan Grazer, who played germophobe Eddie. Each actor had a big impact.

“IT” was scary but, at the same time, had so many lines and scenes that would leave the audience laughing until that little hidden six-pack started peaking through. They may have gone a little overboard with the blood, but come on, what horror movie doesn’t? That being said, they could not have balanced the horror and humor of this movie any better than they did.

If one was searching for a film that would leave them laughing so hard they almost cry, digging up that old teddy bear that used to protect them as a child and turning on the nightlight so Pennywise doesn’t sneak up, “IT” is the perfect choice.

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