With all the current bills and possible future laws being discussed right now within the Missouri and Federal congress there is one in particular that I believe deserves a lot of discussion due to differing opinion. As of right now it is legal for school appointed officials to have conceal and carry on higher education campuses. This is determined school to school whether they find it necessary for campus safety. It is not all faculty and must go through the proper training. It think that with the right training allowing certain campus officials to have a concealed weapon may be a positive thing for campus safety. If a gunman or criminal of any kind were to come in and start shooting I would feel less panicked knowing that a trusted staff or faculty member was coming as soon as they could to help with the situation as best they could.

With that said, currently in the Missouri House there is a bill discussing the idea of allowing students to conceal and carry on school campus. I think this is a terrible idea. Here at East Central College it may not be as big of an issue as it could be for bigger four year universities simply because there is no on campus living here and not a very high student population. However, it is common knowledge that even college students are not the most responsible people on the planet. If I was attending a school like Mizzou or SEMO where there are 50,000 students and they are carrying armed weapons would not make me feel safe. As a nineteen-year-old college student I was taught to always lock my car at school, trust no one unless you really know who they are and never walk alone at night. If students were permitted to carry arms on campus and, in a hypothetical situation,    I did have to walk out alone after my night class at 9:30 P.M. I would definitely not feel “safer” if I ran into someone I didn’t know or trust and I knew they had a concealed weapon.

When students are in college it is obvious that there is constant drug and alcohol abuse. It is a ridiculous idea to put the power to cause harm to hundreds of thousands of people with someone who may be high and/or drunk and not even know what they are doing.

According to CNN.com “Sandy Hook shooting: What Happened?” the Sandy Hook school shooting had authorities on the scene just two minutes and 41 seconds after the authorities were notified, and in that time 20 people, including children and teachers, were injured. If one person can cause this much damage in, what is assumed to be, less than five minutes, then how much damage could 50,000 students do in the same amount of time if things went horribly wrong?

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