On February 12, from 5pm to noon on February 13, most of East Central College’s internet-based technologies were unavailable. This downtime left many students without the ability to complete online tasks, such as submit assignments and complete quizzes. In addition, instructors relying on ECC’s email system were unreachable to offer assistance to students in need.

While it may seem like the downtime is over, the perfect storm is just over the horizon.

The outage suffered on February 12 was just one of a two-part phase of a major infrastructure upgrade. They first outage was insufferable enough, but the second one will push students and instructors to their wit’s end.

Beginning February 19 at 5pm, no East Central College web-based technology services will be available until the following Monday.

Services affected by this outage include:

ECC’s Website
Campus Wi-Fi
Email Access
Library Subscription Databases (such as EBSCO, Opposing Viewpoints, and Global Issues)

Archway, MOBIUS, Library chat, Libguides, and The Cornerstone all will remain online, as they are independently hosted from ECC’s servers.

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