Coin War: The Ice-Bucket Challenge Comes to ECC

Have you ever been doused in almost ten gallons of freezing cold ice-water? That is where two of ECC’s finest faculty members found themselves on Friday, September 5 on the BH patio. But this was far from a punishment for the Director of the Student Learning Center, Erin Anglin, and the Director of Library Services, Lisa Farrell. This was a celebration: of the $100 in donations which they were able to raise for the ALS Association.

By partaking in a “Coin War” – in which students nominate faculty members and donate their spare change to see them get soaked – all members of ECC, student and staff alike, were able to stand together against the degenerative disease known as ALS.

Three departments of ECC in total participated in this fundraising function in order to advance awareness for those afflicted by the disease. Tom Fitts and Nancy Mitchell were the representatives for the Nursing/EMS department, Lisa Farrell and Erin Anglin for the Library/Learning Center, and finally Nathaniel Mitchell, Laura Deason and Brady Griffith acted on behalf of the Department of Student Development.

According to Brady Griffith – the Coordinator of Student Activities at East Central College – he began organizing this “Coin War” after being approached by a student who had been vigorously searching for ways to promote awareness for ALS. Upon learning that their very own friend had been recently diagnosed with ALS, this unnamed student suggested hosting an event similar to the “Ice Bucket Challenge” which has been sweeping the nation, in order to foster support for those affected by the horrible disease.

    Together, these two set to work upon organizing an event through which everyone on campus could become involved. They succeeded – and in more ways than one. By acting together to fight for a common cause, this “Coin War” now represents much more than a light-hearted attempt to raise donations. It showed that by becoming involved in the world around them, even if only long enough to see a couple of people being drenched in ice-water, anyone can make a noticeable change in their society. Cornerstone camera photos 165Cornerstone camera photos 168IMG_8725

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