ECC Graduate Joins Peace Corps

Bethany Dixon, a 2013 graduate of East Central College, will be leaving for a two-year long trip to Uganda in November to serve with the Peace Corps.

Oftentimes it is difficult for young adults to leave their homes, especially for such an extensive amount of time, and it wasn’t easy for Dixon to stay committed to the Peace Corps because of this.

“I’ve never truly lived on my own, I didn’t know if I wanted to be away from my family,” Dixon said.

To add to her uncertainty, Dixon had to wait several months even for her interview.

“I had to wait forever to hear anything– I didn’t have an interview until New Year’s Eve in 2014” Dixon said, “I had massive gaps for waiting compared to other people, and I really questioned it in that time.”

It was finally when Dixon received a call that she would be interviewed that she no longer had any doubts.

“When I got my interview, I knew this was legitimate. This was what I wanted to do with my life, and the interview really solidified it,” Dixon said.

Dixon knows the benefits involved in joining the Peace Corps, ones that would not just exist during her time in a foreign country, but ones that would have a lasting effect on her life and her future career.

“Joining the Peace Corps is a stepping stone into a career for me, as opposed to a career itself,” Dixon said.

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