Patsy Webb Achieves Spotlight Award

Patsy Webb has worked for East Central College for 23 years. Her first three years were spent working in Job Placement (today, it is called Career Services). She has been with the same job the past 20 years—Executive Administrative Assistant with Student Development.

Patsy was chosen by the Spotlight Committee, on behalf of the Classified Staff Association, for the Spotlight Award for October, 2015. This award is presented to an employee who goes “above and beyond” in their role at ECC and their commitment to excellence for the betterment of students, faculty and staff.

The special event in Patsy’s honor was held on Thursday, October 22, 2015. This was a time for other employees to celebrate her accomplishments. She was awarded the Spotlight Award, gift basket and other gifts.

Some comments that describe Patsy’s reputation during her employment with ECC:

A true asset to ECC; volunteered on numerous committees throughout the years; always pleasant and willing to assist; a true “lady”—knows a secret is a secret; stands up for what she believes in; always there with a smile and encouraging word; a friend; kept Student Development office running and handled transition of the VP’s very well; a willing ear; takes those “difficult” students when needed.

Patsy will be retiring on Nov. 30, 2015 from East Central College. The Spotlight Committee congratulates Patsy for her award and her employment with ECC.


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