Baseball’s Stubborn Ways

By Tyler Melvin Seasoned fans typically scoff at the idea of altering their beloved sports. Hailed for generations as America’s pastime, baseball has represented an undying patriotic tradition in times of uncertainty. Through World Wars and the Great Depression, through segregation and player strikes, through terrorism and pandemics, baseball is a true mark of time … Continue reading Baseball’s Stubborn Ways

The Abortion Ban and Its Consequences

By Andrea Hernandez, Guest Writer Abortion has always been an extremely sensitive topic in politics, religion, and in society in general, due to the moral and legal struggles it entails. It has been legal in the United States for decades, yet it remains as one of the country’s most controversial subjects. The debate surrounding this … Continue reading The Abortion Ban and Its Consequences

We Must Protect the Coral Reefs

By Katelyn Dobsch, Guest Writer Coral reefs are essential to human and marine life; they offer remarkable historic and scientific knowledge, economic growth, and a better understanding of the aquatic ecosystem, which is considered the most prevalent in our world. Coral reefs around the world are being threatened at an increasing and alarming rate, due … Continue reading We Must Protect the Coral Reefs