Lewis’ ‘Abolition of Man’ Urges Against Improper Teaching

Erin Rose, Guest Reporter | C.S. Lewis is recognized, primarily by young people, for his fictional classics “The Chronicles of Narnia.” For many others he is acclaimed for his works on Christianity and philosophy. Lewis presented his readers time and time again with the subject of morals and living life as a “good man.” “The … Continue reading Lewis’ ‘Abolition of Man’ Urges Against Improper Teaching

‘Lore’ Caters to Folklore Fanatics

Hayley Vawter, Reporter | “Lore” is a podcast created, hosted and produced by Aaron Mahnke about the history behind common folklore tales, uploaded every two weeks on Mondays. The podcast was turned into an animated television series on Amazon with the same title, while continuing the podcast as well. Recently, “Lore” surpassed 100 million downloads … Continue reading ‘Lore’ Caters to Folklore Fanatics

“IT” Hits the Big Screen

Autumn Enloe, Reporter | “Spooky” decorations are hanging all around, children are eager to dress in outrageous and entertaining costumes and eating your entire body weight in candy is not frowned upon but encouraged. That’s right, Halloween is just around the corner, which means people are opting for horror movies like the recently released remake … Continue reading “IT” Hits the Big Screen

BROCKHAMPTON Redefines Rap Music

Jennifer Somers, Editor | “Saturation II” is the second studio album by hip-hop collective BROCKHAMPTON. The album was released on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify on August 25, just two months after the release of the group’s debut album, “Saturation.” BROCKHAMPTON is comprised of 15 creative members that live together under one roof, known as … Continue reading BROCKHAMPTON Redefines Rap Music

Strange Folk Festival Promotes Local Artists

Jennifer Somers, Editor | Strange Folk Festival is a place where, once a year, all of the St. Louis metropolitan area’s wackiest, craziest, hungriest and craftiest gather to support around 200 independent artists while enjoying the sound of local bands and the taste of food truck cuisine. The free-admission event draws in crowds with its … Continue reading Strange Folk Festival Promotes Local Artists