TikTok Trends

By Marissa Frazier

TikTok has been taking over the internet since 2016, continuously coming up with the newest trends everyone is dying to try. You’ve seen them throughout your day while in between classes, your break from work, or even while procrastinating your homework. Although it would be ridiculously long to name every single one that occurred this year, there have been ones specifically taking over this month of October (with a few special ones from September)

“And I think to myself… WTF”

This trend typically involves you lip syncing to the sound with your own text, that describes an experience or situation where you had the same reaction. One notable celebrity participating in the trend being Hank Green, who is an American blogger on YouTube, scientist, and producer. 

“I’m so happy”

Being on all sides of TikTok, this trend has you lip sync the sound and, like the first one, show a text bubble describing an experience that made you feel “happy” at first before making you ”sad.” User “lunaloveslouis” participated with cat, Luna, when the dog is outside compared to inside.

“Video game”

The video game trend requires using text bubbles saying “If ____ was a video game,” before you move around, like a character in a video game, with an inner monologue. Showing what it would be like in a video game with a girlfriend, user “waytooevil” has one of the most top liked videos for this trend.

“That is a scarecrow”

Mainly being used for dark humor, this trend has you posting a video with the sound and text. The text will describe something that has happened to you, and then while lip syncing “that is a scarecrow,” the true meaning of what happened to you will show on the screen.

“Couch guy slander”

One of the biggest trends so far was the infamous “surprising my boyfriend at college” including a girl surprising her boyfriend and him not being too happy, and also having two girls beside him. Typically you’d see people commenting, analyzing, or parodying the original video.

“I can be brown, I can be blue”

Without using examples and letting you find out for yourself, this trend involves making a video, lip syncing to the sound while texts of a story with unexpected turns, or progressively getting more “crazy” as some would say. Some would be seen telling a story on how they survived a traumatic incident, or can also be heartbreaking too.

“Rick and Morty”

Usually used when showing inappropriate situations, this one has you performing Rick and Morty by Soulja boy, and having “Performing Rick and Morty until ____” with a scenario being in the blank. One was noted for the girl in the scenario over a friend’s grave until they come back. Most would likely see this trend if they are on the dark humor part of TikTok.

“Mama said that it was okay”

This last trend being mentioned is done by recording a video where your first text bubble includes a question someone always asks you about a habit. The song then is supposed to go “mama said that it was okay,” while showing pictures or clips of a role model of yours who has helped you to become who you are now.

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